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    DO NOT BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE ON... On Accutane Using Alph or Beta Hydroxy Acids On Antibiotics Using Benzoyl Peroxide If you are using Retinol or Retin - A (stop using one week before appointment)
    1. Two days before your waxing appointment, use a washcloth or loofa and exfoliate any areas that are to be waxed. (If you don't exfoliate before, you have a greater probability of the wax sticking to your skin making it very difficult to remove the hair. Exfoliating removes older skin cells as well as waste from the cells that can trap bacteria thus clogging the pores. You will also increase your chance of getting ingrown hairs). 2. Shower the day of your appointment. 3. Do not use any creams, lotions, cologne or tonics after the shower. 4. Do NOT arrive tipsy...surprisingly it will increase your pain level. 5. Approximately 45 minutes before arrival, take 2-3 Extra Strength Tylenol or Ibuprofen. 6. Do not arrive with a sunburn or skin rash. 7. Wear loose clothing to your appointment. 8. Stop shaving 3 weeks before your waxing appointment. There has to be hair for the wax to adhere to. 9. Do not arrive having just come from the gym or exercising. If your body is hot, and sweating, it's more difficult for the wax to stick. 10. You will be asked to pee before I start your service. A toilet is provided. 11. Drink less caffeine on the day of your waxing appointment. It makes the experience more painful.
    Following your appointment, you will receive an exfoliating cloth or glove to use on the third day after your visit, and 2 days before your next waxing/shaving appointment. ​ • Touch waxed areas with clean hands only • Wear loose clothing • No aggressive sex • No sport activities • No hot tubs - saunas • No tanning or spray tanning • No swimming • No deodorant or cologne • No hot baths • Exfoliate on the third day • Moisturize daily • Schedule your next appointment
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